Postpartum Doula Care

Emily Rose Governale, postpartum doula, servicing the San Francisco Bay Area. Emily has supported families around the globe with baby focused childcare. Now offering care for your family in this most tender trimester.

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Postpartum Doula 

It was in the Netherlands that I first learned of a kraamzorg; a postpartum doula that every new family receives in their home for the first 8-10 days following birth. There is great benefit from this brief but powerful support for breastfeeding, preventing complications, and facilitating mental wellbeing for the whole family.

My hope is to see this valuable work become the norm in the United States for all new and expanding families.


Why bees?

These sweet and hard-working insects embody some of what I love most. They work as a cohesive community to care for one another in sourcing food and creating shelter, with beauty. As people we can call upon this community ideal, all the while embracing what makes each nuclear family special, each one best equipped to raise their babies.

Service Provided

The 4th trimester is experiencing a renaissance as a time to be honored rather than an obstacle to overcome.  There is so much to learn, do, and become in the first three months! A whole community of loving support is ready to lend a hand. I will provide resources, as you need them, so that your village can continue to expand as baby grows.

As your postpartum doula, my duty is to support the whole family with an array of skills. I will leave your home tidy and calm, laundry done and meals prepped or cooked. While within I'll provide guidance on newborn care such as: bathing, diapering, nail clipping, baby wearing, calming techniques, and individual quandaries. I will help you to stay nourished and assisted while feeding your child, whether at the breast or bottle. I can assist in identifying warning signs in mother or baby and help you seek expert support when needed to prevent little troubles from becoming bigger problems. I tend to keep a warm, comfortable flow around me in familiar and new environments, allowing my clients to rest easy with me from the start.

My priority is to be present in your home only long enough to work myself out of a job. You will have care, help, and rest so you can Bond from the Beginning with your brand new baby love!

  • $40 an hour

  • $50 for night time care

  • Package of nine, 6 hour days for $2,000

 My rate is on a sliding scale, send me a message and we can create a package to fit your situation.

At every birth, two people are born - a baby and a mother.
— Wise Proverb

4th Trimester: considered the first 3 months postpartum, when babies require much loving care to adjust to life outside the womb. Baby is learning to cope, as suddenly they are a separate entity from mom. This time of transition also requires support and care for mother and family, bearing the responsibility for this new little life. Luckily we've evolved to care for delicate infants who dramatically grow and develop during this period.



I have been a career nanny for over 9 years. It’s been my privilege to work with families in Portland, Grand Cayman, Amsterdam and San Francisco. I cherish my experiences in an array of cultural and family settings.

I speak French (though no longer fluently), and love working with different languages.

I have plenty of experience with 0-5 year olds, 2.5 years working with twins, and one year with 3 siblings at once. Families of singletons and multiples are all welcome!

Résumé and References available upon request.



Here’s the short version: just hire Emily. It’ll be one of your first really excellent parenting decisions for your new little one(s).
Emily has been in our lives since our daughter was an infant, and I could go on for a long time about all of the things that make her an amazing caregiver and family support person. Her calm, positive presence is something that babies and kids (and let’s be honest, parents) respond to immediately. She’s astoundingly productive (childcare+tidying+meal prep+ laundry is not a combo I can accomplish, but she somehow does it). And on top of that, she’s a pleasure to spend time with. If we didn’t live in a small SF apartment, I’m quite certain that we would have begged her to move in with us. In my experience, after your little one arrives it is really helpful to have someone who can help you feel confident about some of the basics (that first bath is sort of scary, and cutting fingernails is not for the faint of heart). But even more important is having someone step in for a few hours and do what needs to be done to keep the baby happy, the house not a disaster, and you fed (and ideally napped). I can’t imagine anyone better for this kind of support than Emily. I always say that I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve Emily, but it must have been really, really good. I know it sounds a little silly to say, but I think she’s a magical human. Anyone who gets to work with her is lucky.
— Jessica Gunter
Emily began nannying for us when our youngest child was two months old, and he was her primary charge since his brother was already in elementary school. She instantly became part of our family. Emily kept our child active and engaged, incorporated him into her own family and friend circles (which he loved), and took on house cleaning responsibilities above and beyond what was asked of her.
Even after Emily moved, we have continued to stay in touch and enjoy her visits immensely. We are very thankful for her time as our nanny.
— Becca Meskimen
Emily has cared for my son from 4 months old until now (he’s two.) During this time I have had the privilege of learning about Emily’s skills firsthand. My son’s birth was complicated - he spent time in the NICU, our breastfeeding journey was bumpy, and my anxiety was high. What I found in Emily was so much more than a nanny. She provided calm, confident skills, and empathetic care to my whole family. She became an integral part of our transition to a family with a baby. Her skills were far beyond that of an experienced nanny - she has a gift for caring for tender, fragile babies - and tender, fragile moms. If you have the opportunity to bring Emily into your family experience, you will find a caring, skilled, peaceful presence. She has a knack for listening, for understanding just what you need, and for quietly providing it before you even know you need it.
— Robin Shostack
I have worked closely with Emily for years and I can say with confidence that she has all the tools one could hope for in a child care professional. She has a gift for connecting with all the children and infants in her care and providing peace of mind for families of all kinds. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Riley Fishburn
Emily was as a third parent to our boy, between his 7th and 17th month. What a gift she has to comfort people. We still sing her songs, fondly remember her and keep in touch - she is the cheerful, stable and caring person you would want around your child for his whole life. And actually, around you, because her life and work experience provides you with this sense of relativity and perspective you crave for when new life hits you with stress, insecurities and overwhelming joy.
In the Netherlands all young families receive help for some hours during the first days - but quality differs a lot. Emily is the person I would recommend to my brothers. Her easygoing and perceptive nature lets her predict your needs, so it won’t even occur to you how baffling these first days can be. She makes caring for a child seem simple and natural. We still use her advice and tips!
— Eva van den Broek



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I’m available to support families throughout the bay area at home for baby’s first days up to three months of age.

Hours; Wednesday-Friday between 8am-6pm for 4-6 hour shifts. Wednesday and Thursday nights, 8-10 hour shifts. If your situation requires alternative timing, or cost is an issue, please let me know.

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